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The Bugs Project is an on-going collaboration between Patrick Vincent and interested participants. In this project I am asking people to submit a photo of their faces so I can supplant it on a bug (insect or arachnid) of their choice. The resulting image will be carved in linoleum.

Why does Patrick Vincent want to make everyone into a bug?
I want the carvings, as I use these linoleum carvings as sculptures and installation elements. The theme of bugs is an invitation for people to connect with a part of the natural world that is often ignored or reviled.

So Patrick Vincent gets the carving, what do I get?
As a participant you will receive a hand-printed artist's proof of the resulting carving, as the carving is a printable matrix.

All right, I'm convinced. Sign me up.
Send a photo of your face, however you wish to be presented, to TwinBeePress[dot]Bugs[at]gmail[dot]com and in the body of the e-mail describe or name of the bug for your body. Feel free to look at the samples here to get a sense of what this looks like. You can click here for the PDF.

Visit my Tumblr page for photos: